Motorcycle Gear Won’t Save Stupid

There you are racing around on your street bike. I’m not against motorcycles just stupid motorcycle riders. When you dart in and out of traffic and race up on my bumper don’t you think that maybe you could cause an accident. Motorcycle accidents are not pretty dude.

I know I’m venting but today this guy was right in front of me. He looked great on his bike with his Arai motorcycle helmet and leathers. In fact, I was a little envious of his sweet ride and very nice gear. But, when he stopped abruptly six car lengths back from the car at the stoplight I only thought he was an idiot. I had to slam on my brakes as did several cars behind me. He did this stop so he good spin his wheels when the light turned green. Good thing for all his protective motorcycle gear because he is going to need it one day when a car hits him and he goes splat. He’ll be hurt, someone will end up calling a motorcycle accident attorney, someone else will call another attorney, it will be ugly. All this could be avoided if this guy would just drive safely and quit showing off.

No amount of great motorcycle gear will protect you from stupid.