Remodeling? Paint is a Miracle in a Can

I recently read an article that called paint, “Hope in Can.” I think I’ll go on to say that paint is a remodeling miracle in a can. Paint is affordable, pretty easy to apply, and makes a huge difference in a room. There just isn’t much else that you can do to a room that has this big of an impact.

If you are considering tackling a room improvement job this weekend, try paint. Test the paint by either buying a small can or getting the biggest test chip you can. Take it in the room and test it under the various lighting the room will have; natural, incandescent, no light, because the color will look different. I recommend acrylic paint because it’s got great coverage and it’s easy to cleanup with water. Choose flat, matte, satin, semi-gloss, or gloss; living rooms are typically flat or matte and bathrooms and kitchens are typically satin or semi-gloss. I tend to go to a more glossy finish because it’s easier to cleanup. But the more shine the more easily you will see flaws in the walls.

I’d give some advice on where to buy paint but most people have their own favorite spot. I normally buy paint at Lowe’s and Nashville Wallpaper Decorating Centers.

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